I was born in 1985 in Arnhem, The Netherlands, and grew up playing with LEGO and Meccano, as well as drawing sessions with friends for as long as I can remember. It was this combination of interests, both technology and creativity, that eventually lead me to Delft, where I started studying industrial design engineering in 2004.

After getting my bachelor’s degree, graduating with an assignment to keep forest roads on the Veluwe safe, I decided to proceed with the master Design for Interaction. My love for cars and especially the emotion and craftsmanship that is involved in the process made me choose Advanced Automotive Design as specialization.

During my study I developed my skills, mainly in freehand sketching (student assistant design drawing), 3D-visualisation and design (Solidworks, Rhino, 3dsmax). I worked at the c,mm,n stand to visualize the ideas of the public, took part in the Salone del Mobile with a group project on the interaction design of a jukebox, worked in a multidisciplinary design team on a concept car for KesselsGranger and Royal TenCate, and designed and built a 1:5 scale model of a car.

In October 2012, I started my master’s graduation project at SABIC Innovative Plastics in Bergen op Zoom. For a period of 9 months, I worked on the design of a future travel vehicle with an innovative plastic tailgate. I did elaborate context-research and developed the design under supervision of SABIC Automotive engineers and designers.

I graduated on the 28th of June, 2013 and was a awarded a 9 (out of 10) for my thesis.

HK 725 preamp

HK 770 amp


HK 440xm cassette

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